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How To Prepare Your KettleCADDY To Bake Pizzas | How To | The KettleCADDY Pizza Oven | Cape Farms, Cape Town

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Find a suitable safe & solid area for the Charcoal Kettle Grill unit. Remove the lid off the bottom drum and place it in a safe area close to the kettle. Place the Barrier Basket on the bottom grill as shown in the (illustration) and take the standard firelighter and place 4–5 small pieces on the outside parameter of the Barrier Basket and then light the firelighter. As soon as the firelighter burns thoroughly, gently dump the charcoal (illustrated below) on top of the burning firelighter. Leave the charcoal until all the coals burn properly.
kettleCADDY Pizza Oven Combo1 Unit with Pizza Paddle, Pizza Lifter Spatula and Pizza Cutter
Place a few (4-5) pieces of wood on top of the hot charcoal. Be sure to use wood that is dry and as thin as a man’s ring finger (Black wattle, Blue gum or even pine) – it needs to flame-up easily and burn constantly. First place the Pizza Stone on the Pizza Stone Rotator Wheel and then fit the Pizza Oven Ring onto the Kettle Drum and make sure that the Pizza Slot Opening is positioned to the back of the kettle over the flames. Once the wood fires up and burns properly, place the Kettle-lid on top of the Pizza Oven Ring. This is to heat the Pizza Stone to the required temperature – pre-heat the Pizza Stone inside your CADDY for at least 20-30 minutes. REMEMBER: The temperature of the Pizza Stone is key to the success of baking your pizzas. Be sure not to use wood that is too thick! The quicker the wood can fire up, the better your baking process.
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