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What’s In The BOX | How To | The KettleCADDY Pizza Oven | Cape Farms, Cape Town

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  • Pizza Oven Ring 57cm / 22.8in (S/Steel) (with profiles to fit the 57cm / 22.8in charcoal kettle grill drum & lid)
  • Pizza Oven Carry-handles (S/Steel with polurethane handle grips)
  • Pizza Stone Support Bar (S/Steel)
  • Support Bar Bottom (S/Steel)
  • Pizza Stone Rotator Wheel (S/Steel)
  • Barrier Basket (S/Steel)
  • Pizza Stone (34cm x 25mm) / (13.6in x ¾in) (can be heated to 400°+ Celsius and bakes pizzas within 2-3 minutes)
  • Pizza Stone Stopper Plate (S/Steel)
  • Pizza Paddle/Peel (S/Steel with polyurethane handle)
  • Pizza Lifter Spatula (S/Steel with polyurethane handle)
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