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How to bake Pizza in the kettleCADDY pizza oven

We recommend that you pre-bake your pizza bases in advance and for convenience purposes, always pre-bake your pizza bases inside your home oven for 60 seconds (pre-heated at 180◦C). Prepare your pizza toppings before you light the fire. Before placing the pizza on the table-top or counter-top for preparation, make sure that you lightly sprinkle some dry flour on the top in order to prevent the dough from sticking to the top;

pizza base

We strongly recommend that you make use of a Pizza Base which will give you the satisfactory result – the success of a pizza largely depends on the Pizza Base. Remove the Pizza Base from your freezer at least one hour prior to preparing your pizzas. Start preparing your first pizza with the tomato paste and toppings so as to ensure that you are ready with the first baking by the time your oven is ready;

Maak pizza

Before placing the pizza onto the Pizza Stone, lightly sprinkle some dry flour on the Pizza Stone and the Pizza Paddle whilst the Pizza Stone is inside the oven heating up – this is simply to prevent the pizza from sticking both to the Pizza Stone and the Pizza Paddle; Spaan
How to know that the Pizza Stone is hot enough? Sprinkle some flour all-over the heated Pizza Stone leave the Kettle-lid off and wait for 60 seconds to see if the flour turns brown. If so, you can start baking. As soon as the Pizza Stone has reached adequate temperature, use your Pizza Paddle (supplied with your oven) to slide the pizza through the Pizza Slot Opening onto the Pizza Stone inside the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven; Meel op klip
Bake the Pizza for 3 - 5 minutes depending on personal preference. If your pizza takes longer than 5 minutes, the Pizza Stone is not hot enough OR you do not have adequate heat (flames) inside the chamber; Pizza bak
Always be sure to use your small spatula or tongs to manually turn your Pizza Stone Rotator Wheel in order to ensure an even baking of your pizza. spatula
Always ensure that the flames are visible at all times during the baking cycle. When you look through the Pizza Slot Opening and the flames are small, use the recommended tongs and add 2 or 3 pieces of wood through the Pizza Slot Opening. Keep on following this procedure until you having finished your baking cycle;  DSC0361
Do not be afraid to remove the Kettle Lid at any stage during the baking cycle – as soon as your chamber needs a bit of air to get the flames going again, open the lid for as long as it takes. Normally it will take a few seconds and as soon as the flames fire up properly, close the lid and continue with your baking cycle. Pizza insit