Frequently asked questions

What is the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven made of?

Mostly Stainless Steel

Where do you manufacture the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven?

Klipheuwel, Western Cape, South Africa

Where can I purchase a kettleCADDY Pizza Oven?

• We are proud of the fact that Tafelberg Furnishers is our preferred stockist in Cape Peninsula. You can find us in their stores in the following areas: BELLVILLE/ CAPE GATE/ PAARL/ SOMERSET WEST/ DIEP RIVER/ TOKAI/ GREENPOINT/ N1 NORTHGATE/ PARKLANDS;

• kettleCADDY is also listed with Takealot in Cape Town and Johannesburg;

• You can purchase directly online from us and we deliver nationwide.

Do I receive any guarantee with my purchase?

To register for your Purchase Warranty, please visit our website at 
Your kettleCADDY is guaranteed as follows: 

• 5-year guarantee on the Pizza Oven Ring; 
• 1-year functional guarantee on the rest of the parts; 
• The Pizza Stone is guaranteed for functionality, but not against breakage.

Can I purchase a kettleCADDY Pizza Oven online?

YES. Just visit our website at and you will be guided through the purchasing process. Only Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) payments will be accepted. Remember that the purchase price does not include delivery costs.

Do I need to purchase any additional items to operate the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven?

NO, but you may need the following:

    • Off-set Spatula;
    • Flour Shaker;
    • Pizza Cutter;
    • Wooden Board;
    • Wood Tongs.
    • Italian style bottled pizza basting;
    • Olives;
    • Bottled feta cheese;
    • Fire-wood.

Is it difficult to assemble the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven?

Virtually no assembly is required except to put the Pizza Stone in its place on the unit. Refer to the Operating Instructions for further details.

Can anybody operate the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven?

We do not recommend that children younger than 16 years of age operate the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven without parental supervision. However, the oven is very simple to use and either gender will be able to operate the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven without any difficulty.

Does the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven come in different sizes?

NO. Most people use the standard 57cm charcoal kettle and the kettleCADDY fits perfectly on all the different kettle brands.

How long does it take to bake a pizza?

As long as you consistently follow the Operating Instructions according to the manual which you received with your purchase, it should take you no more than 2.5 - 4 minutes per baking.

What is the ideal temperature required to bake a pizza?

Generally between 380 – 420°C would bake a perfect pizza. It is important to understand that there are two processes involved in baking a pizza: (a) the pizza stone is made of a heat-absorbing material and when heated properly, will bake the pizza base from the bottom, and (b) the heat generated by the flames into the dome of your kettle braai, will grill the pizza perfectly from the top.

Do I use charcoal only to bake a pizza?

NO, you MUST make use of wood to bake your pizza. Charcoal alone does not generate enough heat to effectively bake your pizza. Please refer to the Assembly & Operations Manual to see the specifications of the wood used in the Pizza Oven.

Do you recommend using a pizza pan in the kettleCADDY?

NO. We recommend that you use the pizza stone as it serves as an integral part of the baking cycle. Should you prefer to use a pan, place the pan on top of the pizza stone and regularly turn the pizza stone with the rotator wheel, as you would do when baking directly on top of the pizza stone.

Can I cook any other food in the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven?

The heat in the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven can be controlled by adding less or more wood during the cooking cycle and therefore it is ideal for many other types of food. Using a Cast-iron Pan you can cook fish, vegetables and chicken. It can also be fun to do a proper stir fry in a pan.

Is it advisable to cook any other food stuffs directly on the Pizza Stone?

NO, definitely not! The Pizza Stone is made of a porous material and you will spoil your next pizza baking with other foods such as fish. Direct baking on the Pizza Stone is for Pizzas ONLY! All other foods must be cooked in a Cast-iron Pan inside the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven.

Do I have to make my own pizza base and ingredients?

You can, but you don’t have to. It is quite an effort and we do not want to discourage you to use our highly effective kettleCADDY Pizza Oven. There are many stockists that supply the following:

• Pizza Bases / Pizza Tomato Paste / Mozzarella Cheese / Variety of toppings

How many pizzas can the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven bake at a time?

Just ONE! However, the kettleCADDY Pizza Oven was specifically designed for family and friendship gatherings. It is a social event where everybody joins in on the FUN and pizzas are sliced and shared amongst each other. You can safely invite between 8 – 12 people for a pizza party – should you want to have a bigger gathering, ask one of your friends to bring his Charcoal Kettle and kettleCADDY Pizza Oven along.